In 1996 the VHS tape was the main way skateboarders kept up with what was happening in the streets of cities around the world. More than just a bulky blocks of plastic and film, a VHS skate video was a gateway to another world. 1996 is also the year now-legend Steve Rodriguez started 5Boro Skateboards in New York City. To celebrate both the memory of watching VHS skate vids over and over as a youth, and the founding of the brand, 5boro has introduced one of the better graphic collections to hit in recent years, the 5B VHS Series. The first decks dropped a year or so ago, but recently three new graphics have been added, brining three more pro skaters into the mix.

Each deck corresponds with a pro skater for 5Boro, as one would expect. Though oddly enough, we're most drawn to the non-pro model Head Cleaner cruiser. Well, actually there's nothing odd about that. We're old dudes over here, and anything under 8.25" and lacking a blunt nose or tail is scary these days... But anyways we continue to be hyped on the series, and hope Steve and the gang continue to kill it here in our hometown and abroad.