The latest and greatest outdoor gear for lovers of adventure—and good design

Light Done Right: Mystery Ranch's Bomber Packs Get a Lightweight Update
Light Done Right: Mystery Ranch's Bomber Packs Get a Lightweight Update

How the Montana brand best known for making maximalist, durable (and yes, heavy) backpacks is going light with new Galligator, Scree, and Radix packs

Vintage Outdoor Gear: How to Thrift, Find & Shop for Retro Gorp
Vintage Outdoor Gear: How to Thrift, Find, and Shop for Retro Treasures

Both thrifting and vintage apparel are huge at the moment, and with the right eye, you'll get some truly great finds for your outdoor adventures

The Light Phone III, a Minimal Phone Without Social Media, Email, Internet
Light Announces a Minimal New Phone With Camera and GPS—and Without Distractions

Take back your attention with the third phone by Light, a consciously created tool for connecting now featuring a camera, 5G, and replaceable battery

Solo Stove Pi Fire Review: Turn Your Backyard Fire Pit Into a Pizza Oven
Make Backyard Pizzas with Cooking Pizza Over a Solo Stove with the Pi Fire Pizza Oven

Our hands-on test of the new wood-fired pizza oven, which seamlessly works with Solo's smokeless fire pits to convert flames into cook fuel

LifeStraw Sip Review: A Sleek, Durable Personal Water Filter for Daily Use
LifeStraw Debuts Its Sleekest Personal Water Filter Straw Yet, Designed for Daily Use

Hands on with the brand's most compact personal water filter straw to date, made with a high-tech microfilter that's perfect for travel & everyday use

Sole Searching: How Danner & America's Oldest SAR Crew Built a New Mtn Boot
How Danner & America's Oldest SAR Crew Built the Ultimate Mountain Boot

Designed with the legendary Crag Rats search and rescue team and built in Danner's Portland factory, the new Crag Rat Evo is made for alpine adventure

The 9 Best Packable Down Jackets for Men & Women
The Best Packable Down Jackets for Any Adventure

From alpine summits to frigid cities and everything in between, these down jackets are guaranteed to keep you toasty (and to pack away later)

11 Best Sun Shirts and UPF Hoodies for Keeping Cool and UV Protected
The 11 Best Protective Sun Shirts & Sun Hoodies for Staying Cool

With temperatures on the rise, it's time to invest in UPF clothing—these are our top tested and approved picks for protecting your skin from UV rays

10 Best 35mm Film Cameras for Photographers of All Skill Levels
The Top 10 35mm Film Cameras for Everyone from Beginner to Expert

From film world icons and titanium grails to slept-on point and shoots, this expert-curated guide outlines the top cameras for all budgets + abilities

11 Best Film Cameras For Photographers of Any Experience | 2024 Update
The 11 Best Film Cameras for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Photographers

All you need to know about the most legendary, underrated, and rightly hyped 35mm and 120 medium format rangefinders, SLRs, and point & shoot cameras

The 11 Best Medium Format Film Cameras for All Photographers in 2024
The 11 Best Medium Format Film Cameras to Buy in 2024

With larger negatives, medium format film cameras produce images that have more detail, dynamic range, and depth

Soft Top & Foam Surfboard Guide: What to Know & Which to Buy in 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Soft Top & Foamie Surfboards

From seasoned surfers looking to get loose to first timers playing in white water, no surfer’s quiver is complete without a humble foamie

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