In the world of Fashion, Montreal-based luxe retailer SSENSE is a force, known best for combining commerce with editorial content and creative curation. If you want to shop an obscure norm core brand from Latvia, then find a patchwork Junya jacket to pair with some exclusive Salomon S/Lab trail runners, SSENSE is where you go. Which is what makes the ADER SSENSE Cycling Club (ASCC) collection so interesting.

The newly released concept collection is a collaboration with unconventional South Korean label ADER Error, a design collective with a passion for mixing incongruous inspirations and esoteric imagery with unisex, oversized silhouettes. In other words, they make “unorthodox staples,” like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and dad hats. All of which is evident in the ASCC release.

The question remains: Is a line of absorbently priced “lounge pants” and cotton leggings inspired by 90s cycling style totally insane? Well, duh. But at least it looks pretty good. And the retro print advert-inspired editorial shoot rules.

Sure, the silhouettes are likely too wild for most of us, but it’s a fun reminder that cycling—and outdoor activities in general—should be more carefree. Maybe they’re “taking the piss,” as our UK mates may put it.

As the editorial states, “ASCC is a society of like-minded riders coming together over their interest in fashion-forward athleticism. Our club is geared towards all levels of riders, especially those who want to have fun with how they put themselves together.” What’s not to love about that?

Digging deeper into the sizable, 32-piece unisex collection, a solid chunk is more applicable than one might think—the Oversized Layered Anorak features reflective piping, a rain shield, and synch-pulls, and the color blocked poly cycling shorts are cool too. I might even have to cop the drawstring socks if we’re being serious.

Either way, whether you feel it’s another high fashion hack job or a genuine homage to retro cycling style, it exists. And someone’s gonna buy it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯