Growing up, in the early 2000s, Ski Acres aka The Summit At Snoqualmie was heaven. By PNW standards the low elevation ski hill is nothing special, but pack a dozen teenage idiots together and anywhere can be fun. The best in our crew was always Austin Hironaka, who had a solid stint as pro for RIDE until budget cuts ended his run a few seasons ago. Current big name Austen Sweetin came next, of course. And the youngest—and quickest with a snowball—was always Hironaka's little brother, Jacob Krugmire. This matters because a decade plus later young Jacob has grown into a mini-man, and can now be seen ripping for the three stripes in Ok to Shred, a new edit from Adidas Snowboarding released this past week. So, big Shout Out to Jacob. Shake them dreads.

Btw, the edit also features super creative riding by the likes of Keegan Valaika, Louif Paradis, Tommy Gesme, Alex Sherman, Cooper Whittier, Craig Cameron, and Ben Bilodeau, shot on custom features at Lake Tahoe's Boreal.