It’s finally warm in many parts of the US and we gotta say, we’re damn happy about it. Though full on beach season is still a ways away, our attention is shifting that direction. And so, here we are, with Alite Designs’ new Meadow Rest, a lounge-y combination of their waterproof Meadow Mat and collapsible Mayfly Chair. Alite and the SF-based design team are city dwellers who know well the benefits of getting outside—quite like us here at TF—and thus design for fellow weekend warriors, casual beach goers, day hikers, bike riders, roof top and backyard beer drinkers. Though you can’t ride a bike or hike while using the Meadow Rest, you most certainly can have a couple cold ones in it.

The packable design is comprised of two main components—a aluminum frame and 150D TPE Poly mat—and easily assembles in seconds. It’s super lightweight (1.85 lbs) and waterproof, making it ideal for lounging near anywhere where the ground might get your rear end soggy or dirty. Plus the stuff sack doubles as pillow to dramatically increase leisure vibes.

Read up on Alite’s design ethos here, and take note of their lifetime guarantee.