The charm of antique oil camp lanterns is undeniable, but they're heavy, difficult to clean and create a potentially dangerous mess if dropped. So, outdoor outfitter Barebone's created the Forest Lantern, a modern alternative with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, sturdy steel enclosure and USB charging port for your phone or tablet. On high, the battery provides 325 lumens of warm light for up to 4 hours. And on low, it'll shine for over 80. Plus it'll never get too hot to touch—all the functionality of an antique without the sketchy side effects.

Founded by the same fellow who started Goal Zero and other humanitarian efforts, Barebones provides shelter and life-improving products to people in need around the world, from doctors fighting disease in Sierra Leon to natural disaster camps in the Philippines and Nepal. This not only is a heart warming tale, but it proves the products are meant to endure under adverse conditions.

The Forest Lantern is available in three finishes and sells for $80.