When you live in a city like NYC you learn to not let anything into your home that only serves one purpose. From the kitchen to the closet, maximizing space and cutting down on clutter makes life more manageable—and generally more pleasant too. Obviously, when it comes to being an outdoor nut, this minimalist mantra is often impossible to uphold, yet it adds an extra bit of excitement to the equation when we come across a piece of gear that can pull double duty. Which brings us to the Reversible Camper Jacket from Battenwear, a new addition to the NY-based brand that’s perfect for chilly fall camping excursions (or really any travel).

Made right here in America by our fellow New Yorkers, the mid-weight jacket features a ripstop nylon side, and a Polertec fleece side. The former provides protection from wet weather when worn out, and the latter puts off a classic outdoorsy guy vibe while worn that way. Regardless, the jacket is wind resistant and cozy as can be, with hand pockets and a zippered chest pocket on both sides. An adjustable drawstring at the waist has been added to keep the elements out too.

Another solid silhouette from designer and vintage gear collector Shinya Hasegawa, no doubt drawing inspiration from the height of exciting outdoor design many decades ago. Plus it comes in a handful of colorways, both wild and subdued.