Four years ago Brooklyn-based “social enterprise” BioLite launched the CampStove, changing how we view cooking with wood-burning stoves in the process. Now, after an equal number of years spent considering real-world feedback and rethinking every aspect of the product, BioLite today is releasing an updated iteration of the flagship product in the form of CampStove 2.

The innovative portable stove still produces smokeless flames as before, but now, thanks to an updated thermoelectric design, generates up to 50% more electricity while burning only wood. The refreshed design—which we had the pleasure of playing with on a recent visit to the BioLite HQ—weighs the same as the first gen model yet now integrates an onboard battery for storing electricity generated by the onboard fan for later use (previously power could only be used as it was produced). An updated LED display now shows fan speed, power output, and fire strength.

Amp up the fan speed to burn fuel faster and generate more power output, or let the fuel burn slowly for a more sustained flame for cooking. Either way, the CampStove 2, along with a handful of twigs, can cook meals and boil water in just minutes. Plus, the stove is compatible with the BioLite Grill and KettlePot with new CoffeePress. See ya later cowboy coffee.