Weird is in the DNA of Portland, Oregon. So is creativity, and ingenuity. And yes this can materialize in the most annoying ways possible (ahem dreaded hippies on tall bikes we’re looking at you) it can also be a recipe for brilliance. Depending on where you stand this custom cafe racer with bike rack could fall in either category. Either way, Breadwinner Cycles did a damn handsome job of it, rigging the hard tail mountain bike to the equally beautiful Yamaha XS650 with a removable rack. And of course, cus it’s Portland, each and every bit of the build is hand done with love.

But why you ask? Well, in Portland riding season (for bikes of all types) is short, spanning June to September at best, leaving many to feel they simply don’t have enough time to truly enjoy all aspects of the outdoors. When you look at it this way, the bizarre build makes perfect sense—no more need to sacrifice the wind in your face on the way to the single track trail. Plus the rack is fully removable, allowing both bikes to be enjoyed fully when separate and together. We’re not leaving fully toward the brilliance side…

As for specifics, the 1975 Yamaha XS650 motorcycle was raised from the dead by Tony Pereira. Oddly enough it was the years of wrenching on the XS (and other motorcycles) that lead to his interest in bicycle building, and thus to the founding of Breadwinner Cycles. And here the two passions are on full display in a one man collaboration unlike we’ve ever seen before.

While the café racer is totally one of a kind, you too can get your hands on a Bad Otis hardtail. Though it’ll set you back $4K or so, being as it’s built by hand to your specs. Get more details from Breadwinner Cycles directly.