Everyone’s favorite surf shop slash fashion brand slash barber shop slash custom motorcycle operation, Deus Ex Machina, put their wide ranging talents to work on another badass build. This time around a vintage Yamaha TW 225 held the honorable position of donor bike. After a serious stint on the Deus Weight Loss diet (adios unnecessary plastic bits and bobs) the bike emerged leaner, meaner, and more badass than ever before.

Nicknamed Two-Up, the nimble Yamaha features a number of custom upgrades, most notably of which would be the double headlamp and taillight setup. An all-black paint scheme was applied to all but the vintage Husqvarna fuel tank, which was given a lovely ivory identity by Dutchy Motorcycle paint. Other updates include a new suspension, aftermarket pipes and muffler for a healthy growl, a new subframe and coordinating EasyRider seat. The airbox was of course swapped out for a pod filter, too.

In short, whether you ride bikes or not, this little single is one worth drooling over. Lightweight, stealth, and rugged, the Two-Up is the very definition of a bike built to be an around-town everyday rider, while also being fully capable tearing up some trail on the weekends or lunch break, if your so lucky.