Lately our architecture coverage has skewed more towards idyllic contemporary homes in Nordic territories, and farther from the usual #cabinporn the internets have become accustomed to. Sorry, just trying to broaden your horizons, or something like that.

Either way, this week we’re correcting course—kinda, sorta—and getting back to North America with some much more attainable design inspiration. Enter the Dream/Dive Platform, a DIY shelter slash giant diving board designed by Canadian firm Studio North.

At just 64 sq. ft., and made with salvaged materials and 2x4s from the local hardware store, the stripped down design is not only fun to consider, but actually within reach for many backyard hobbyists (a boy can dream, right?). The platform serves two functions, sleeping and playing. And when the weather turns, a simple waxed canvas roof unrolls to shelter the skeleton-like structure.

Keep dreaming, you guys.