Drink Water is more of a crew than a company. Spearheaded by PNW-based rippers Bryan Fox and Austin Smith, the idea grew in direct response to the money and sugar being pumped into the snowboard industry by Big Energy Drink™, offering an alternative message to send to the impressionable youth out there: drink water, it’s all you need.

Fast forward a few years and the DW roster has grown to include some of snowboardings most entertaining individuals, both on a board and off. (They also sell some stuff now, like softgoods and water bottles, cus every movement needs financing.) To showcase the talent, and give a look behind the scenes, Drink Water recently released their first real deal full length movie, titled "Energy."

The 36 minute film celebrates all the best aspects of snowboarding—hanging with friends, riding powder, having fun in less than ideal conditions, etc. It’s about the entire experience, and experiencing the entire mountain. Have a watch for yourself. You’ll dig it. Promise.