Just as Hondo’s iconic CB series is the go-to for custom cafe racers, the Yamaha SR500 seems the ideal template for a lightweight urban scrambler—it even inspired this badass electric build. Chicago-based custom build shop Federal Moto feels similarly, opting for a 1987—the first year of SR500 production—as the base for their fifth build, an agile bike designed to take on Florida’s city streets and endless beaches with ease.

The minimalist build is defined by a less is more ethos. Up front a low profile Yamaha TT500 fuel tank, 1970’s Honda TL250 headlight, and minimalist bar system with single speedo gauge and internal wiring keep things as clean as can be. In the rear a single mono-shock suspension with modded subframe tidies things up, with a minimal circular taillight and shallow electronics tray tucked under the seat topping it off.

The chunky dual-sport tires are worth a mention, as they’re known to be noticeably smoother on pavement than usual knobbies, plus they look pretty badboy. The exhaust is a highlight too, likely making the single-cylinder thumper capable of being heard from a block or two away.

Whether you’re a rider or not, this lightweight, nimble build is one to admire without a doubt.