In the past decade and counting Honda's 1970s era CB series bikes have become the go-to option for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and all Cool Guys in general. And rightly so. The design is instantly recognizable, replacement parts are plentiful, and the engines are pretty simple to tinker with (and believe me, there will be lots of tinkering). Plus, they look great both stock and chopped and modded to hell. Though the café racer has been the most commonly seen conversion of late, we're more of the tracker sort here at TF. And The Couch Surfer from Western Canada custom shop Federal Moto is pretty much our dream adventure bike.

Made of two '74 CB360 donors, the "budget build" was made for a client that enjoys running around the city, but needed the ability jump curbs, rip up side roads, and generally get loose when the occasion called for it. So, that's what he got. All non-essential parts were stripped (including the fenders), wiring rerouted through the low running handlebars, rear end shortened and passenger pegs removed, and battery tucked up under the custom seat to visually open up the rear triangle. The scrambler exhaust and custom painted fuel tank are icing on the cake for us. Even after the complete overhaul, the spirit of the CB still shines through.