England might be known as the world capital for good manners, sarcasm and three-piece suits but it also has a long history of rugged outdoor exploration. Cornwall-based cold water surf company (they coined the term) Finisterre is carrying on this tradition offering sustainably produced and thoughtfully designed apparel and accessories for braving icy waves. Their latest accessory is worth its salt for any expedition—seaside or otherwise.

The Waterproof Adventure Light can be rigged as a headlamp (stylish headband included), suspended as a lantern or held as a flashlight. A 150 lumen beam can toggled two power settings with both a spotlight mode and a diffused option for softer light. Rated for depths up to 100 meters, the CNC-machined aluminum case is up to the challenge and most definitely tougher than whoever is using it.

With the spotlight on full power, you'll get about an hour out of the USB rechargeable batteries. On the more practical lower power setting though, you'll get a whopping 10 hours of light, enough for a weekend of setting camp, making dinner and dusting a bottle of whisky after each session. Made in the UK, the Waterproof Adventure Light goes for £90.

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