The Hinterland, a new hardcover from our favorite German publisher Gestalten, is a new book for those that ask why. Why am I paying so goddamn much in rent? Why am I working such long hours, starring at a screen, and not a natural view? Why does this make me happy? Or rather, simply, does it make me happy? For those of us who willingly call big cities home, the magnetic pull is undeniable, and there are endless reasons why we love the unnatural environment.

BUT, there will always exist moments, hours, and days of doubt. Those featured in The Hinterlands let that doubt develop into something remarkable—minimal, sparse, and architecturally curious cabins, hideaways, and retreats deep in the countryside away from it all.

Not everyone can—or even wants to—live in an off-grid tiny cabin in the countryside full-time, but we all can agree upon the benefits of leaving our screens behind from time to time, and experiencing a more simple, natural way of life.

Over 288 pages, The Hinterland navigates the globe, documenting in brief detail countless structures designed with the sole intention of connecting with the surrounding environment in a way not possible within city limits. From tree houses with swinging rope bridges and homes made entirely of reclaimed window panes to alpine modern masterpieces and saunas in unlikely form, the book serves as serious source of inspiration for homeowners and one-day dreamers alike.