An often overlooked benefit of architecture is the ability to silently foster community. Most buildings, whether striking or mundane, bring people together. And in the Scandinavian tradition, none do so quite like the sauna. Seeing this, Seattle-based architecture and design firm goCstudio recently created the wa sauna concept, a motor-powered floating sauna.

The elegant structure explores ideas of community, journey, and retreat by offering studio friends and curious swimmers, boaters, and kayakers alike a unique, shared experience—while making for some pretty damn great Instagram opportunities too.

Founded by architects Jon Gentry—who previously held a design position at Olson Kundig—and Aimée O’Carroll in 2012, the emerging studio takes on each new project with an open mind, rather than ascribing to a set design style.

For wa_sauna the duo decided to keep things simple. A wood-burning stove is employed to heat the sauna, which can accommodate up to six people, while an electric trolling motor does the trick for getting from point A to B, and silently. No need to worry about no-wake zones here.

As any sauna enthusiasts know, a cold plunge is the ideal way to shake the sweat and heat-induced cobwebs. Here, Seattle’s frigid lakes take care of this, while the sauna’s surrounding deck and roof allow ample lounging space. Now just add in a couple ice cold Rainiers and you've got yourself the perfect way to spend a PNW summer day.