At just nine square miles in size, Valdes Island is a humble, rugged landmass located in the somewhat sheltered gulf between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. A third of the island is set aside as reserves for First Nations peoples, with a park and public campsite making up a good portion of the rest. But in between these sits one incredibly dreamy, off grid cabin, nestled among the islands battered trees above the coastline.

The Valdes Island Shack by Vancouver-based Hinterland Design is the perfect blend of contemporary and classic cabin designs. The shape is unconventional, designed to withstand the intense weather the region receives almost year round, without compromising daylight.

Everything the owners need for a weekend away or extended stay has been integrated into the design, from a fully functioning kitchen to sleeping loft and ample storage. A wood burning stove heats the small “shack,” while an extensive solar power and rainwater filtration systems take care of the rest.

Built over a five week period in which the designers and craftspeople camped out on site, the remote retreat is nothing short of inspiring—especially when you consider the detatched sundeck with soaking tub!