As summer winds down it's the perfect time to start thinking about fall camping season—the best camping, if you ask us. To get you in the mood, and inspire some gear closet upgrades, we just updated our Huckberry x Field Mag curated shop curated shop with a couple dozen new design-driven outdoor products. Below are 11 highlights for getting geared up for fall, before, you know, it actually arrives.

Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30, $250

Yeti owns the hard cooler market. Now they’re going after the tote market with this extremely durable, waterproof gear box designed for carrying everything from fishing gear and tools to camp gear.

Fireside Outdoor Ultimate On-the-Go Bonfire Kit, $174 $159

Campsite not have a designated campfire pit? No problem, bring your own.

Barebones Woodsman Field Hatchet, $65

A Huckbery exclusive, this utility-driven hatchet is the perfect campsite companion, with a heavy duty carbon steel blade for splitting firewood and a hammer head for driving tent stakes.

Patagonia Daily Essentials Pouch, $15

A hardwearing 10oz canvas pouch for keeping all your essentials in one secure place, perfect for stashing in your car during a day on the trail or tossing in your tote for everyday carry.

On Running Cloudrock Waterproof Hiker, $230

A breathable, waterproof hiking boot every bit as comfortable and functional as it is crazy looking. Gotta love that Swiss engineering.

Grammici Shell Jogger Pants, $110 $60

A staple of the climbing community for ages, Grammici makes durable, lightweight apparel with articulated stitching and a gusseted crotch to ensure a long lifespan, even under heavy-use conditions.

Kammock Bobcat 45° Down Travel Quilt, $199 $159

A water repellent DWR coated down quilt for making every adventure more cozy, whether backcountry camping or a picnic in the park.

BioLite Non-Slip HeadLamp 330, $50

This clever design positions the battery at the back and 330 Lumen light at front, making for the most balanced headlamp on the market. Plus it’s band is made of moisture-wicking fabric. Perfect for campsite use, hiking, and trail running.

The James Brand Elko Pocket Knife, $75

Lightweight and durable, this OD green pocket knife from the design wizards at The James Brand is utilitarian and bound to last a lifetime.

Verve Instant Craft Coffee, $17

Because there’s nothing better than a fresh (quality) cup of coffee brewed outdoors.

Timex x Todd Synder Military Watch, $138

The best way to enjoy your time camping this fall is to put your phone away and embrace an analog life outside. This handsome mil-spec Timex oughta help.