The best thing about living in New York City is having access to food from every corner of the world at all hours of the day. The second best thing is meeting people from, and making friends with, people from every corner of the world at all hours of the day. Which leads us to Nah, a new brand celebrating Irish creative talent living at home and abroad founded by New York transplant, artist and illustrator (and talented skateboarder) Aran Quinn, alongside his Dublin-based brother Dylan.

As any artist, musician, illustrator, or creative in general who has worked with big clients knows, it’s tough to turn down a corporate paycheck. But saying yes too many times in a row without leaving room for pure passion projects can suck the joy out of creating. Hence the name Nah. “It is about not taking yourself too seriously, having a laugh and saying, ‘Nah fuck saying yes to that, we're gonna do us for a bit,’” explains Aran.

By collaborating with an impressive roster of Irish creatives living across Dublin, New York, and London—including photographers Rich GilliganCáit FaheyDaragh Soden, filmmaker Albert Hooi, director Sam Mulcahy, and designer Rory Simms of Pentagram—the fully independent and amorphous brand aims to seasonally release playful products spanning apparel, accessories, and homegoods inspired by the things these creatives love most. Think art, music, skateboarding, nature, animals, romance, cheekiness.

“It's been a lovely way to connect with my talented family and dear friends still living in Ireland, and with the Irish creatives that live abroad too—it's brought us all together.” Aran tells us. “Nah takes the home-sickness away and has been a nice way to portray our love for the Irish land, all the nature and animals, and all the gas humor the Irish have.”

So, as 2020 approaches, we encourage all reading this to make a resolution to support your friends, support artists, support the little guys, and maybe try saying nah to our corporate overlords just a little bit more in the new year. Just a thought ¯_(ツ)_/¯