We like to talk a big game here at Field Mag, but truth is FM HQ isn’t some Silicon Valley-funded warehouse with beanbag chairs and free lunch. It’s more like two dudes on laptops in a smallish one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn—and lunch is more often than not a $4 sandwich from the bodega downstairs. Because we know well what it takes to run a bootstrapped business in this uncertain world of billionaire startups, we hold a special place in our editorial hearts for other modest operations fighting the good fight in the outdoor space. And Miscellaneous Adventures is one of the best out.

Run by the hugely talented artist and adventurer couple Emma and Andrew Groves, Miscellaneous Adventures has long been on our radar (check out our Q&A with Andrew here). They recently introduced a redesigned identity for MA, compete with new logo, fresh workshop schedule, a fresh range of handmade camp products, and most excitingly, a “Studio,” which will allow them to work more closely with likeminded brands down the line.

So now that that way-too-long intro is out of the way, we’ll skip the meat and finish off instead with details of the new and very cool hand hammered Copper Camping Spoon. Made by Andrew’s own father—metalsmith, engineer, and craftsman Anthony Groves—the 12cm spoon is a versatile utensil made from a single piece of hardened copper.

And thanks to copper’s natural anti-bacterial properties germs are killed on contact, making it safe and hygienic for cooking and eating. Over time a nice patina will develop as the metal oxidizes.

So feel free to really dirtbag it up with this one.