Mister Green is an LA-based shop for high minded people, run by friend of Field Mag Ariel Stark. As Field Mag is dedicated to elevating the outdoor aesthetic, Mister Green focused on the evolution and development of a new cultural perspective around marijuana.

This week the brand released a new line of apparel and products under the collection title “GEAR,” celebrating a love for the outdoor activities like hiking, camping, climbing, etc. (Frequent readers will catch GEAR was first teased as part of the recent Mister Green x Dangle Supply enamelware bong.)

And so here we are, a bunch of lover of mother nature and good design all together in one beautiful place.

Core to the collection’s inspiration is Stoney Point, a legendary bouldering spot within Los Angeles that has spawned some of the world’s most notable climbers who would go on to pioneer routes in nearby Yosemite (we're talking the likes of Royal Robbins, Yvon Chouinard, Ron Kauk and more). Yet outside the community, Stoney remains largely unknown.

GEAR celebrates this location and a general “Stonemasters” vibe of 70's outdoor culture. Heavy on the granola and hand-drawn graphics, heavy on the posi vibes, light on the idea of dominance over nature.

With nearly two dozen styles to browse, the collection—all made in Los Angeles with prices ranging from $20-$230—offers everything from hoodies, ripstop nylon hats, and graphic Ts to a tote bag, dopp kit, and even a graphic blanket. A Japanese nylong fleece and painter pant round out the more involved pieces. Each features cool graphics seemingly straight out of the Whole Earth Catalog.

Shout out independent brands pushing global cultures. Shout out city people getting outdoors. Shout out weed culture rising above Bob Marley playing soccer posters.

Get down. Light up. And give yourself to the mountain.