Ok, let’s be real here. We don’t really get down with graphic Ts too often. But people seem to love them, still. And people also love helping others. And our national parks. Which means Parks Project is a natural fit. Through a range of product collections—from shirts and hats to patches and even jewelry— the philanthropically minded brand aims to help preserve our environment for the next generation by giving back to the national parks through habitat restoration, animal conservation, educational initiatives, and visitor services across America’s Parks.

Though a good deal of the apparel and accessories is pretty corny (please no one needs another “keep calm” iteration) we absolutely support Parks Project’s message and physical action. And so, we’d like to highlight our favorite series from the expansive collection of stuff—the Bigfoot series. Each of the three shirts features our old pal Bigfoot lending a helping hand, from literally doing so in the Sequoias to helping maintain trails in the Smoky Mountains and generally just nurturing nature in Yellowstone. To make the story even better, the illustrations were done by California-based artist Bigfoot, a staple in the skateboard industry and long time lover of nature and outdoor-focused projects.

So, be a good person. Support a company that supports our nation’s most valuable asset, and if nothing else, remember that our national parks are for everyone, so go explore the nearest to you.