It's hard to imagine a brand that supports people doing stuff quite as much as Poler. Whether it's camping, hiking, surfing, couch surfing, cycling, or simply sitting in your backyard, they want to be your go to outfitter. And while the products may not propel you to the top of a mountain, they're more than effective for the in between. And from time to time, they collaborate with a much more specialized brand, and introduce a product of a higher level of design and quality. Like the Specialized Surf Jammer. And the latest cycling kit from Castelli is just that.

Consisting of a classic zip top jersey and bibshort situation, the Junk Food kit riffs off past furry camo design and ads color to up the personality. After all, cycling should be fun, so why not have a bit with your kit too? As for the tech specs, the bibshort features textured fabric on legs for improved aerodynamics, a padded seat ,and mesh straps. The moisture-whicking jersey features a more relaxed fit, reflective tabs for better visibility while riding in low light conditions, and three rear pockets for snacks.

If you still think cycling kits are for kooks, do yourself a favor and give one a try. Trust us, we wear them for a reason.