Rapha has long been the benchmark for stylish yet functional cycling apparel. Giro has done well in recent years to catch up, and Levi’s scores points from time to time with the Commuter Collection, but still, Rapha is it. And their 2016 City Collection is straight flames. If COS made a cycling line, with way higher quality materials than normal, that would be this. Lots of highlights, for both men and women. Today we’re focusing on the Wool Wind Jacket.

As its name implies this jacket is wind-proof. It’s also made of worested wool for strength, warmth, and durability, and is in general designed for both cycling and not cycling. A Two-way zip allows for easy heat management when riding and a perfectly styled outfit when off-bike. The stiff collar with micro suede throat latch is a nice touch too for chilly morning and evening rides, and a subtle reflective tab on the rear collar does at least something to make you more visible.

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