Everyone knows the 1970s was the golden era of motorcycle design. Manufacturers from Japan to Germany knew how to slap a perfect color scheme on a clean, function-forward machine and just right. And while we'll be vintage bike enthusiasts till the day we kick the bucket, when it comes to gear decided to push that day a bit further down the line, we'll opt for more modern safety gear (read: helmet). In the past we've endured a bit of road noise and curious fit with the Biltwell Gringo, and have long admired the Bell Bullitt. But we're willing to toss both those suckers out the window (sorry Chad) for the new X.G100 from Portugal-based maker Nexx. Why? Well, as our pals at Union Garage make the case, it may just be the best full face retro-styled helmet on the market.

Assuming you are at least familiar with both the Gringo S and Bullitt, we'll do some comparison to make the case stated above. First, the X.G100 covers more chin area than its two niche counterparts, though lacking as open an eye port. We're willing to make this compromise to protect our jawline. Second, while the other two opt for integrated shields, the X.G100 comes with a slick snap-on shield made of top-end race quality Lexan with leather pull tabs, plus a removable visor that reportedly isn't as prone to rattling as others of its kind. And third, it's DOT and ECE safety rated—same as the Bullitt, better than the Gringo—and comes with a price tag $50 less than that of the highly celebrated Bullitt.

We'll admit we're susceptible to choosing fashion over function at times, but thankfully with the X.G100 we won't need to make that sacrifice. The slightly angular style gives off a hint of badboy dirt bike (especially with visor) and leather accents add a touch of Rich Guy^tm. And it comes in black and white too—the only two colors a helmet should ever come in anyways.

For further convincing, read the comprehensive comparison at Union Garage, who just happen to be one of the first US stockists to carry the new design.