If you haven’t already caught on, we’re slightly obsessive aesthetes here at Field Mag. Whether it’s apparel design or camp gear, if it doesn’t look good and function well, we’re not having it. And while we’d prefer to be outside adventuring every day, the truth is we spend so much more time at home or at the office than in the woods. Which is why we think it’s important to apply the same aesthetic considerations to the great indoors too. And truth be told, no one does design quite like the Nordic countries.

Though the design sensibilities vary from country to country—and of course person to person—in general most Scandinavian design tends to fall into to personalities. Be it light and airy, playful and fun, or sophisticated, hyper minimal, and moody, Nordic design seems to speak to us. Chronicling the varied applications of this distinct design aesthetic is Scandinavia Dreaming, a recent hardcover book from Berlin-based publisher Gestalten.

Over 288 pages the editors offer countless examples of timeless Nordic design in many forms, from specific furnishings to larger projects like Vega Cottage, a long time favorite of the cabin-born community (us included). Whether your idea of home design starts and ends with Ikea or you consider the quality and design of your home furnishings as much you do your gear, Scandinavia Dreaming delivers a wide range of design inspiration from the city to the countryside.