In recent years the concept of the “landscape hotel” has taken root around the world, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Generally consisting of low capacity buildings designed to minimize their ecological impact while emphasizing the surrounding environment, these concept hotels allow guests to simply lounge around in a luxurious setting while taking in the beauty of nature. What’s not to love?

We first caught wind of the trend thanks to Norway’s Juvet Landscape Hotel, and more recently fell in love with Sweden’s off-grid Vipp Shelter. Though the latest to catch our eye is the Sacramonte Landscape Hotel in the coastal town of Maldonado, Uruguay. The low slung, single occupancy cabins feature expansive views, modern furnishings, and most notably, a mirrored glass facade that allows each structure to all but disappear into the landscape.

Set among a 250-acre working vineyard, with a farm-to-table restaurant on the property too, it’s hard to imagine a better, more luxe way to embrace nature. And if you’re not sold yet, consider that each structure was manufactured off-site some 200 km away, and installed in a matter of days, both cutting down on production waste and reducing site disturbance in the process.

For us, the combination of prefab construction methods and all around design makes this one of the more special locales we’re seen in some time.