OK. This is a funny one for us. But here we go. Snow Peak, the preeminent name in Japanese outdoor lifestyle brands that have made it Stateside, this week introduced a new collaboration with Japanese toy manufacturer MediCom Toy Corporation, makers of highly sought after limited edition figurines. More specifically, the collection centers around BE@BRICK, a sort bear-headed LEGO man that, believe it or not, has a worldwide following of adult collectors.

(If we lost you at MediCom, get the lowdown on the phenomenon that is BE@BRICK here)

The limited edition release includes roughly 10 designs, ranging from BE@RBRICK emblazoned iterations of Snow Peak staples like the titanium camp cup, Takei Long Chair, and the Pack & Carry portable fire pit, and totally new designs like a canvas pillow, pocket T-shirt, and of course, a snow globe. Because everything makes sense in Japan, even when it doesn't.

Though at first glance it may be a tad difficult to get excited about a toy company collaboration with a brand best known for its decidedly sophisticated takes on classic outdoor equipment and apparel, we suggest taking the opportunity to expand your perspective on toys, art, and culture, to read up on just wtf Medicom Toy is and does, and why their bear character has become a global “thing” collected by the likes of Pharrell.

Or just think of it as an opportunity to cop a new titanium camp cup that won’t get mixed up with those of your friends when camping.

Also, the wood tea serving/joint rolling tray is the lowkey winner of the collab at just $20.