When it comes to strapped footwear, two brands come to mind: Chaco and Teva. The two classic sandal makers each bring something unique to the table, yet still compete, because of course they do. At the center of the hype generator for both brands has been a few key collaborations—Chaco went for the core outdoor market with UBB, Howler Bros, and many more we missed, while Teva gravitated towards the trend setting Japanese market. Today, just over a year after the blue-hued Beams collaboration, we see the release of the Teva x Snow Peak Hurricane XLT.

The unisex sandal design is considerably more built up than the typical Teva, with a sizable rugged outsole and waterproof nylon and synthetic leather straps. The former being a cool salt and pepper texture and the later being a deep navy, making for an overall colorway dubbed “Indigo C/N,” and you already know we’re easily sold with anything Indigo related.

Wear them with socks and jeans, barefoot with swim trunks, or while otherwise completely naked while skinny dipping (always protect those feet!). Either way, these limited edition sandals are sure to make the transition from summer to fall an easy one.