Forget all this talk of summer winding down. We’re right in the thick of it! It’s the perfect time of year to spend floating rivers, hiking trails, BBQ-ing in the backyard, and of course camping. With this in mind we just updated The Field x Huckberry curated shop with a dozen or so new products fit for all aforementioned activities, and more. Below are six highlights. Enjoy!

Leatherman Skeletool RX Multi-Tool

Leatherman invented the multi-tool category, and the Skeletool ($85) is a clever, lightweight alternative to the beefy original your dad still swears by. It features everything you may need—serrated knife, wire cutters, pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener—and nothing you don’t. And it has a built-in carabiner so you won’t lose it as easily as the last few you brought home. Toss it in your glovebox and be psyched when it saves the day next time you’re out camping or fumbling around in the garage.

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

Pretty sure we’ve sung the praises of this little Lantern before but the archives say otherwise so here we are. Goal Zero makes great products generally using solar power or superior batteries, and the Lighthouse Mini ($50) is no exception. It’s been in our camping kit for a couple years now and won’t likely be replaced anytime soon. Features include 210 Lumens with multiple dimness settings, 4-500 hours of runtime depending, rechargeable from USB or solar, and it can even act as output battery to charge your phone or camera battery.

Kawartha Outdoor Camp Chair

From a quick glance this Kawartha brand looks to be simply offering other brands’ flagship products—Helinox Chair One, Rumpl Puffy Blanket, etc—for slightly cheaper prices… and that’s kinda wack. But hey, saving money isn’t wack, and it’s proven fact that a comfy chair will make most any summer activity better—be it car camping, chilling by the river, or tossing back a few collides on the roof or in the backyard—so snag this packable chair for $40 and ignore what you just read.

Jungmaven SS Baja Tee

Jungmaven makes the best T-Shirts. Period. End of story. Snag a classic, made in USA, hemp and organic cotton blend shirt ($44) or two and be stoked for a long time to come. It’s worth every penny.

Flint and Tinder Breaker Trunk

We’ve been wearing the Breaker Trunk ($39) all summer. To the coffee shop, to the beach, to the pool, around the office when it’s too hot for pants—you get the picture. They’re lightweight, made in USA, are quick-drying and have a mesh liner. What else do you want from a pair of trunks?

Teva Universal Leather Slides

Sandals are very much “cool” again and Tevas are too. But don’t just get the ones everyone has. Get these leather slides ($41) instead. Or get the other ones. No one really cares. Just do you and be comfortable.