San Francisco’s Taylor Stitch knows a thing or two about making hardwearing apparel for every occasion from weekend camping to job interviews. But they don’t know shit about building bicycles. On the other hand they do operate in one of America’s prime cycling cities, and many at the company commute by bike. So they know what works and what doesn’t, from a users perspective. Putting that experience to work TS’s designers teamed up with a couple premier American bike builders to create the ultimate cruiser styled commuter bike. And the Dash is it.

Designed by Aaron Stinner of Santa Barbara-based Stinner Frameworks, and welded one at a time by Chicago’s Heritage Bicycles, the Dash is the product of good old fashioned American teamwork. And though our national pride is anything but strong right now—ahem, awful orange elephant in the room—we’re damn excited about this collaboration city-commute bike.

The Dash is hyper minimal and classic at the same time—a 2-speed internal hub and coaster break keep it this way. Natural cork grips and a custom Brooks saddle made exclusively for this rig top off the handsome build. And perhaps the best part? It’s available in three sizes to fit boys and girls of all ages and all sizes. Fun for everyone. Nice touch.