For many, fly fishing is more of an exercise in mindfulness, than a sport. The activity connects one with nature, and—assuming the angler practices catch and release—teaches the importance of preservation. It’s about patience and concentration, and repetition.

Sometimes a perfect cast can feel as much of an accomplishment as actually catching a fish. And sometimes the best days come with the catching no fish at all. And yet still, for others all that spiritual mumbo jumbo is just that, and for them it’s all about the biggest catch. Either way, The Fly Fisher, a new release from Gestalten, zeroes in on all of the above.

From inspiring landscape photography shot all over the world—Jackson Hole to remote Russia—and exclusive illustrations to rundowns of essential gear, fly tying tips and key patterns, and interviews with pioneering fly fishers and contemporary enthusiasts, The Fly Fisher makes great use of its 256 full color pages.

In typical Gestalten fashion the sizable hardcover book feels both modern and well worn, like it belongs on a bookshelf, but also with a few coffee rings from frequent page flipping. Whether you’ve never fished a day in your life, are a tenkara disciple like Yvon Chouinard, or are a lifelong angler, this one may be worth a closer look.