When it comes to riding a bike with a backpack on, there are so many ways to go wrong. Too bulky of a pack, and you'll be off balance and feeling sketchy. Go too slim and you lack the carrying capacity. And where to put your U-lock, laptop or water bottle? Well, San Francisco's Timbuk2 has thought of these things and plenty more, which is what makes their Red Hook Crit Travel Pack so perfect for cycling in many conditions.

The Red Hook Crit, for those non bike nerds out there, is a timed race that takes place on city streets, ridden more often than not on fixed gear bikes at a viscous pace. Though originating in Brooklyn's namesake neighborhood, the race is now held in a handful of cities around the world. And so, the RHC Travel Pack was designed in collaboration with the RHC to offer riders a high performance option for carrying your gear to and from the race, and really everywhere in between.

The ultra-lightweight pack is made of a durable ripstop nylon, and features all a city cyclist needs, from a U-lock compatible side pocket that's always within reach, to a flexible main compartment just big enough to store a helmet and change of clothes. Plus it's "styled for the city," meaning it's not overly technical or inspired by any false heritage—plus it's sleek and low profile enough to use when your bike is no where in sight.