United By Blue is a brand that makes outdoor-inspired stuff, and through this, is trying to save the world. For each product sold, the brand "removes one pound of trash from the oceans and waterways" by way of organizing cleanups. Now, we're not sure there's any way to check up on this, or if we really care to—let's just say "hey good job" and keep on with the story.

Either way, the brand teamed up with Minnisota's Sanborn Canoe Company to produce one damn handsome canoe paddle. Each is made to order and built by hand with some nice design-y patterning being applied with eco-friendly paint after the fact. Think of it like a Best Made axe—or really a Range Rover—in the sense that it's obviously a gorgeous and well-designed product, but few will ever actually see action in the outdoors. But who cares, really. We're just happy to know there's some kooks out there dedicating their lives to making really rad canoe paddles.