In the 1950s and 60s legendary saddle maker Brooks manufactured helmets under another brand name. At the time, helmets specifically for cycling didn’t exist. Now, over a half century later Brooks is re-entering the helmet market. Their two initial offerings—limited edition pre-release styles intended to garner feedback and influence future designs—take aim at two hugely popular markets that align well with the brand’s design and style-forward identity. The Island is a semi-closed, sleek design intended for urban commuting, while the Harrier is more performance oriented and designed with road riding in mind.

Different versions of the Harrier will be available for Europe and North America to take care of a difference in safety and testing requirements, and only 150 of each model will be made in total. Unfortunately the Island will only be offered in Europe, due to safety restrictions and Brooks’ limited testing done so far. Bummer for the commuting crowd (though in our opinion, the Harrier is the more attractive of the two anyways).

After the initial release, these exact models and colorways aren’t likely to be manufactured again. A true limited run. A full run with multiple colorways for each model will be shown at Eurobike 2016 at the end of August.