Some time ago we introduced Lander, a new design-driven gear and tech accessory brand from Utah. We’d seen a glimpse at the line IRL before, but just briefly. So, when a recent opportunity to test their handsome Timp 20L backpack for a long weekend out west came up, we jumped.

The Timp 20L is big enough to pack a weekend’s worth of gear (so long as you keep to the essentials) and can similarly work for day hikes and daily commuting. It’s sleek, low profile and made of waterproof TPUS coated ripstop nylon, meaning you’ll fly under the radar (mostly, tho it certainly doesn’t look not-expensive) and be prepared for any unexpected weather. We gave it a go flying from NYC to PDX, and then ran around the woods a bit, and found it performed as well as we’d hoped. That is to say, it didn’t break down, braved some rain sprinkles, carried all we needed while traveling and around town, and even looked cool at the local coffee shop (lol not lol).

The absolute highlight of the pack is the implementation of sturdy, semi-rigid handles on all sides. This is surprisingly helpful in scenarios ranging from yanking the pack out of overhead airline bins and tossing it into the cargo space of a car to simply carrying it like a briefcase when on the run. A water bottle holder on the outside would have been nice to have, but the single central daisy chain on the back solves this problem, offering ample opportunities for clipping shit on where it doesn’t otherwise fit.

But no photos of the interior you ask? Well, the interior is nothing special tbh. It’s red, which is nice for finding stuff (trying to an SD card or something small in a black bag sucks), and features a few dedicated sleeves for things like a laptop, notebook etc, and even has a nice little snap clasp lanyard for keeping important items like keys secure. But you can see the inside online, where you can also read more about specs etc.