When it comes to technical innovation in terms of material, form, and aesthetics, few brands stand out quite like Outlier. The Brooklyn-based brand started out in 2008 offering a basic pair of pants built to move with the body, not against it. Appealing to cyclist, travelers, and design-conscious city dwellers constantly on the move, the brand’s product lineup has grown and matured significantly over the years. From hyper technical beach towels and merino socks to their signature shorts and button-down shirts, each product is ergonomically designed to function in most any setting.

Now that the history is out of the way (and apologies to all readers thinking “yeah duh, we know”) let’s get to the latest product to catch our eye—the Ultrahigh Rolltop backpack. Made almost entirely of Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite, an incredibly technical fabric that’s crazy lightweight and stronger than steel yet floats on water, the rolltop carryall is designed to disappear. Outlier feels the best backpacks are worn, not carried, and should be form fitting to the point that the wearer may pay the pack no mind. And well, this is that.

Unbalanced, cumbersome bags are not only annoying, but dangerous—ever try riding a bike or motorcycle with a constantly shifting pack on your back? By using materials that do not stretch the way most fabrics do, the wearer won’t have to worry about being thrown off balance without notice.

The highly considered materials are paired with equally well thought out construction and details, including dual four-way stretch exterior side pockets (perfect for a water bottle and U-lock), an easy access rear pocket with key ring, and a removable self-reinforcing back panel that doubles as a laptop compartment. We’ll stop there—visit Outlier directly for even more details.